Unlike Any Other

We provide athletes, parents, and coaches with a showcase opportunity unlike anything in the country.

General FAQs

How is a typical showcase run?

Our Summer events are all two-day events with this typical schedule:

Day 1 will consist of a video’d pro-style workout and recruiting workshop.

Day 2 will consist of a live game for each team with guaranteed at-bats, innings pitched, and innings on defense.

Our Fall/Winter events are all one-day events! They combined the two days into one day. They feature a pro-style workout in the morning and an afternoon game for each player!

What should I expect from a BUS Event?

All Summer outdoor Best in the US Showcases are two-day events. All players will be assigned their team and a corresponding time for their workout, recruiting Q&A seminar, and game.

The pro style workout and recruiting Q&A will be on Day 1 and all games will be on Day 2.

Please be prepared for a 4-hour time block any time between 10am-8pm on both days.

How will the college coaches know who I am?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best opportunity for the players as well as the coaches! We provide the coaches with EVERYTHING they could need to know about each player. When registering, it is important to fill out the form as thoroughly as you can because each coach will receive a booklet of player profiles with all vital information. Coaches will have academic information, skills measurables, recruitment information, and social media information regarding each player. During the workout the coaches will be able to write notes regarding your performance and will be provided with your 60 yard dash, velocity readings, and workout results.

How much playing time will I receive during the game?

Our simulated games are specialized to give the most amount of reps for each player. The game is formatted by pitches instead of innings, so each team will hit until the pitcher reaches 20 pitches. Players who are registered as a Pitcher will be guaranteed 20 pitches, plus an additional bullpen workout. Hitters who draw a walk/hit-by-pitch get to continue hitting, so players will have every opportunity to show their swing. The pace and rules of the simulated game will create maximum amount of opportunities for all players!

Are there additional fees for the recruiting package?

Absolutely not! We are offering a fully loaded package unlike any other event in the country. Not only does each player showcase their skills in front of over 45 college coaches, but we provide you with tools for a successful recruitment process. During the seminar, each player and parent will be guided through the process from start to finish and each player will receive their own player profile including video of their performance at the camp. Recruiting services alone charge over $1,500, but our goal is to have players showcase their skills in front of coaches, while allowing parents and players to feel confident with their recruiting process long after the event is over.

What happens if it rains during the Outdoor event?

We will do everything in our power to get the players on the field to play their games! In the event that we lose blocks of time during one camp day, some games may have to be shortened. We will do everything in our power to make up for this lost game time by extending the day. Unfortunately, we can not give any refunds for rain affected events.

What type of bat is permitted?

Players may use either BBCOR-certified metal bats or wooden bats during the showcase.

When will I know my exact workout and game time?

We will notify all showcase players of their workout and game times 10 DAYS prior to the event. You will continue receiving updates regarding your time slot and workouts in the days prior to the event.