What Makes Us Different?

What makes the Best in the US Showcases different than any other?


The Mission

If you found your way to this website, you have a baseball player who wants to play college baseball, right?

Well, how does he accomplish that goal?

The world of college recruiting is confusing, stressful, and cluttered with the noise of countless opinions, “experts,” and recruiting services. How do you cut through all that noise? Every player should be given the tools needed to navigate the recruiting world, and no family should be left without help. 

That’s where we come in. At the Best in the US Showcases, we understand what its like to go through the recruiting process because we were Division 1 college baseball players ourselves. And on top of that, our staff is made up of current college coaches. What better guide could there be than current college coaches who are living out the recruiting process on a day-to-day basis?

Our mission is simple. We want to help as many high school baseball players as possible achieve their goal of playing baseball in college by providing them two essential things: EXPOSURE TODAY. TOOLS FOR TOMORROW.

A Family Affair

The recruiting process is one that involves the entire family. At the Best in the US Showcases, we don’t simply equip the players – we equip the whole family.

No player or family should be left alone to navigate the noisy, confusing, and cluttered world of recruiting. What’s more, no family should ever look back and say “I wish I would have known this when my son was getting recruited.” Each player has one chance at the recruiting process, and our Recruiting Q&A Seminar, our Player Workbook, and our Player Page are all tools that will help every family navigate the recruiting process with a clear action plan based on the best information possible.

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